There has been continuous innovation globally in manufacturing process - from conventional lathe machines to CNC, VMC, HMC, SPM etc. as we see them today.

We have kept ourselves in pace with this continuous innovation, and our products are being manufactured on such latest machines with digital control.

Right from raw material procurement, forging, casting, semi machining, final machining, heat treatment, grinding etc. - our products are monitored and controlled during all the stages.

Packaging - Dispatch - Storage

It is of prime importance to see that our precision products reach our customers without any damage, or any climatic effects and in a presentable packaging.

We take every care to make sure that the products are dipped into best grade of rust preventive, packed in good quality plastic / polythene bags, or wrapped in VCI paper, placed into primary box and then placed into secondary box. Clear marking labels show the product details as per customer requirements.

Strong and best quality wooden cases or pallets are used to ensure safe and easy handling during shipment and trans-shipment. We also provide fumigation and certification facilities of the wooden cases / pallets as per customer's requirement.

We also have large state of the art storage facilities at our warehouse for safe and damage-free storage of the products in our stores.